Teaching Method Presentation

A distinctive course structure with own teaching system and method.

The European School for Sommelier has a distinctive course structure. Its own teaching system and method developed by Gabriele Bacciottini is a result of over 10 years experience working as a sommelier, teacher and events organiser (including gourmet competitions) and we embody our motto of "Teaching the art of food and wine in a simple way". Our teaching method is UNI EN ISO certified.

The teaching method is based on a rigorous course structure and is for those who want to initiate or expand their knowledge in:

  • wine service
  • cellar and wine list management
  • teaching

The ESS teachers use their own background knowledge gained within the industry alongside the course study book “The Sommelier” to deliver indepth and comprehensive lessons. In addition to the theoretical phase each lesson contains a practical element.

  • Analytical and professional tasting of wines introduced during each session (minimum of three labels)
  • Compilation and discussion of the dedicated tasting form and /or star pairing diagram (this practice is performed individually and with the teacher)
  • Practice in the art of serving wine: from opening/uncorking of bottles and professional service to the maintenance of workspace/station

The practical part of our lessons will be completed by means of educational tours and lessons held directly within winemaker companies, where, consistent with the period and the host organisation classroom sessions are held about viticulture, winemaking, sparkling wine preparation and distillation.

Our core philosophy is to ensure that our students gain the very best knowledge and, for this reason, we fairly assess the value for each course and level. This ensures that we avoid buying unnecessary items/accessories such as briefcases, glasses or anything not directly applicable to the teaching and learning at the level being studied.