Teaching regulations

The European School for Sommelier adopts its own code of conduct which is summarised below:

  • To take advantage of educational services, each student must hold a valid membership of European School Sommelier, this is by annual renewal.
  • Certificate of Sommelier course is divided into three levels, you progress to the next level only after passing the final test of the previous level.
  • Master courses are solely reserved for applicants who have Certificate of Sommelier.
  • The class schedule is established prior to the beginning of the course.
  • You must observe strict punctuality for attendance of lessons and in submitting work. In exceptional cases the beginning of the lesson can be delayed by up to 10 minutes, while the finish may be delayed by up to 20 minutes.
  • Students must thake care in all stages of the lesson. There will be official action taken against distruptions.
  • Students are welcome to ask questions during the lesson provided they relate to the lesson itself otherwise this may impede the progress of the lesson and result in a late finish.
  • Students who have more than three unauthorised absences will not be granted participation in final test.
  • During the final test communication with fellow students is not permitted. In case of urgency the student will be penalized on the score of the test. In case of doubt about the interpretation of the test, the participant will ask the teacher directly fot this clarification.

(Source: Excerpt from internal academic regulations).