We are about to take you on a very charming journey.

In the words of Edward VII, “One not only drinks the wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and... one talks about it.”, in this we feel all of the evocative power from the Middle Ages to the present day that has accompanied the indisputable value of what has been known since ancient times; wine is the nectar of the Gods-gifted from Olympus to liven up the palates of all mortals.

The European School for Sommelier invites you on a fascinating journey to discover wine and delve into all of the secrets it holds. Accompany the grape and his evolution; to the realization of a product; to the consummate understanding of its unique qualities, ultimately affording one the competence to pair it perfectly.

Not an easy task, but we strive on a daily basis, year after year, to reveal the complexity of a gesture so simple, learning the language of taste. This method teaches you not only how to bring quality to your table, but to also to correctly appreciate the flavour and taste that the grower so lovingly nurtured. How often have you opened the same wine on different occasions and uttered the phrase "it’s not the same as the last time I tasted it!" And all just because you have paired it with a different menu.

We will show you how to avoid simple mistakes like this and help you to become aware of the subtleties of both the old and new world of wine, viniculture and viticulture.

Arcangelo Tomasello
International Presindent
European School of Sommeliers