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HANNOVER, February 1st, 2017. Today, in the city of Hannover, at the European School for Sommelier’s office, it was signed the international agreement in order to bring the school in China. The main men behind this international signed agreement are Mr. Arcangelo Tomasello, chairman of European School for Sommelier International, and Mr. Jidong Yin, elected chairman of European School for Sommelier of China, and Mr. Gao Weihong, that will be in charge of the school. The school will be open the upcoming spring in the city of Liuzhou, in the region of Guangxi.

European School for Sommelier China - Arcangelo Tomasello
From left: Mr. Umberto Galli Zugaro, Mr. Arcangelo Tomasello, Mr. Jidong Yin, Mr. Gao Weihong

Mr. Arcangelo Tomasello talks about the genesis of this project: we’ve been working hard, since 2011, in order to create an international program for our school. We’ve been waiting the right times to start a new phase of expansion in the East, formalised with this meeting, today. I have great confidence in Mr. Jidong Yin and Mr. Gao Weihong. Both of them have great passion for European Culture, and we share with them a great target: let European food and wine be known in China. We want to divulge our culture, trying to share the passion of all the people who live and work, through traditions, with wine. In these days of collaboration, we’ve been able to make known the results of the hard work and achievements of the producers, and those who every day, in the vineyard, winery and restaurants, help make the wine more and more a social time for sharing, discussion and knowledge.

Along with the words of President Tomasello, President Yin Jidong thanked for the trust, and after renewing its commitment again, he said: "It's a while that Europeans enologists and agronomists are operating on the Chinese market to transfer the methods of cultivation and processing in the winery to create excellent products. On the other hand, however, there is a great difficulty in the disclosure to the Chinese wine culture and its correct combination to the dishes of our cuisine. The Sommelier training in China is necessary for the development of tourism and catering industry, but we can do that only with qualified methods, and with European School for Sommelier we can professionally support this process of internationalization and approach with European knowledge.

Mr. Umberto Galli Zugaro, business development manager of European School for Sommelier, who conducted all the delicate phases in the meeting with the Chinese guests, said: “The same vision for the same targets, with our partners, is strong. We’ve studied, and designed, methods and levels of formation for the Asian market. Since the beginning we were focused on our shared ideas for the transmission of our values. Wine is a product with great success in China, and the national volume of production of this product is superior than in Countries like Italy, France, Germany, and USA. But it hasn’t that particularity of being an emotional choice. What we’ve done is trying to create a culture of feelings and emotions for wine. It’s a new cultural vision. It’s not just something to have lunch. It's something that is really close to the pleasure of the senses in a social key.

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