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Courses of European School for Sommelier, now in China’s schools

Hannover, 20 luglio 2017 - European school for Sommelier signed a first agreement in order to introduce new courses of European food and wine connoisseurship in Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College, which is one of the most important schools in China. In the following months other interested Chinese schools will be part of this project, that is born to create new professional Sommeliers.


HANNOVER, February 1st, 2017. Today, in the city of Hannover, at the European School for Sommelier’s office, it was signed the international agreement in order to bring the school in China. The main men behind this international signed agreement are Mr. Arcangelo Tomasello, chairman of European School for Sommelier International, and Mr. Jidong Yin, elected chairman of European School for Sommelier of China, and Mr. Gao Weihong, that will be in charge of the school.